Confidential Leader Consultation

Executive Summary

Work & Life Matters/EAP provides confidential consultation to support the organization’s leaders. We provide this resource to effectively address and resolve challenges around employee work performance and conflict among staff/work groups.

Leaders are advised to consider a consultation with HR and referring to Work & Life Matters at the first sign of any of the following:

  • Employee's work performance declines, whether it may have to do with absenteeism or quality of the work
  • Emotional outbursts, arguments, conflicts between or among co-workers
  • Signs or suspicion of substance abuse
  • Allegations of any form of harassment
  • Threats of aggression or violence, toward person or property, explicit or implicit (Prompt risk assessment is essential to the safety and security of your organization.)
  • Any workplace or leadership concern

Practical matters and risk issues are addressed, while protecting privileged information. All challenges present opportunities for growth and learning. Do not hesitate to contact us at 310-423-6447 with any questions.

This graph compares the national average for EAP utilization (4%) with Cedars-Sinai's EAP utilization and external contracts we serve across different industries (8% - 10%)

Work & Life Matters Utilization Reports only count actual service to an employee, are aggregate and abide by confidentiality laws.