HB3 Study (Healthy Babies Before Birth)

Condition: Maternal Fetal Health


Key Inclusion Criteria

  • Women who are between 8 and 16 weeks pregnant
  • Between 18 and 45 years old
  • Willing and able to participate and sign informed consent

Key Exclusion Criteria

  • Evidence of current substance abuse
  • Currently smoking
  • HIV-positive status
  • Patients with immunologic or endocrinologic disease

Full Study Name

Mechanisms and Effects of Perinatal Maternal Affect on Pregnancy and Infant Development (IRB no. 29506)


The purpose of this study is to understand how stress in pregnancy affects pregnancy outcomes, as well as the eventual health and development of the baby. Specifically, researchers will assess the effects of the mother's mood on her immune system and stress level, in addition to its impact on the infant's behavior and immune system development. Researchers also will examine the cells involved in fighting infections to improve their understanding of cellular aging in women over the course of pregnancy and postpartum.

Principal Investigator

Calvin Hobel, MD


Susan Jackman, RN, MS