Cancer Research

Through the power of clinical trials, the researchers at Cedars-Sinai discover new opportunities for advancement in cancer research. Whether testing a drug, device, vaccine or other therapy, our goal remains the same. We want to find better ways to treat people with cancer.

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A core mission of ours is to quickly turn research findings into safe, useful therapies to discover more effective ways to diagnose, treat and prevent many forms of cancer. Through dedicated research centers and cores, we’re able to develop leading-edge tools to change the medical community.

Laboratory Technician (Woman) (Cancer Research)

Explore our cancer research
Discovering Innovations Through Clinical Trials

Our researchers develop some of the most advanced clinical trials in the world. Learn how we’re improving our cancer patients' treatment options and health with new breakthroughs and innovations.

Research Center for Health Equity

In Los Angeles County and throughout the state of California, health inequities are widespread. Cedars-Sinai is committed to addressing and correcting these inequities with the creation of the Research Center for Health Equity. The center is dedicated to meeting the needs of underserved populations on both a community- and state-wide level through research, service, and policy.