Responsibilities of Membership

Members are expected to contribute to the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute through the following contributions:

  • Support the cancer institute's mission, goals and priorities
  • Secure funding as a principal investigator or develop investigator-initiated trials and accrue patients to the cancer institute's clinical trials
  • Publish cancer research articles in peer-reviewed journals and list the cancer institute as an affiliation on publications
  • Participate actively in program activities
  • Demonstrate collaboration and interaction with other cancer institute members, and promote interdisciplinary, multi-investigator research efforts (P01s, U01s, SPOREs, etc)
  • Provide the cancer institute with updated curriculum vitae, including all publications and research support, and National Institutes of Health biosketch at least annually, and more often if needed
  • Provide information to the cancer institute on Cedars-Sinai-based cancer studies (including new grant applications, up-to-date patient accrual information, and external audit reports) regardless of whether the cancer institute shared resources have been utilized
  • Submit all institutional-based cancer-related studies involving humans, human specimens or human data to the the cancer institute Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee prior to or concurrently with submission to the Institutional Review Board
  • Demonstrate commitment to teaching; participate in educational or training programs related to cancer
  • Regularly attend and participate in seminars, committees and forums sponsored by the cancer institute
  • Serve on program and review committees as needed
  • Participate in cancer institute inquiries and research audits as needed
  • Provide data to the cancer institute related to clinical outcomes, and participate in clinical quality improvement efforts
  • Notify the cancer institute leadership prior to external research audits
  • Cancer institute administration will have review access to research accounts for individuals approved in any membership category
  • Members and associate members submit membership renewal application every two years
  • Clinical program members and members in training submit membership renewal application every five years