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New Study Sheds Light On How Memory Works teaser image

New Study Sheds Light On How Memory Works

Remembering a computer password or where you put your keys might seem like a simple—if sometimes frustrating—task, but the brain’s networks driving such actions are complex. New research from Cedars-Sinai offers a detailed understanding ...


Improving Heart Disease Treatment teaser image

Improving Heart Disease Treatment

An important study led by Joanna Chikwe, MD found that the best treatment for coronary artery disease patients is a bypass followed by a stent procedure.


The Heart of COVID-19 teaser image

The Heart of COVID-19

Cedars-Sinai researchers are making a critical difference in helping patients overcome a common reaction triggered by COVID-19, a cytokine storm, which can overwhelming the body with infection-fighting proteins triggering multiple ...


Parkinson's Disease May Begin Before Birth teaser image

Parkinson's Disease May Begin Before Birth

People who develop Parkinson's disease before age 50 may have been born with disordered brain cells that went undetected for decades, according to new research going on at Cedars-Sinai. Read more.


Ovarian Cancer Culprits teaser image
discoveries magazine

Ovarian Cancer Culprits

Scientists at Cedars-Sinai look to pinpoint genes tied to increased ovarian cancer risk. They hope the findings will help identify ways to prevent ovarian cancer from progressing to late, lethal stages.

Discoveries / Jan 20, 2020

Tumors & Plants: What They Have in Common teaser image
discoveries magazine

Tumors & Plants: What They Have in Common

Cancer cells can reshape their surrounding environments—just like invasive plants.

Discoveries / Jan 16, 2020

Family Ties teaser image
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Family Ties

When Sonja Rosen, MD, was a student at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, she served as a teen volunteer at Cedars-Sinai. Now it’s her daughter’s turn. Fourteen-year-old Clarissa joined the Teen Volunteers Program last fall. A recent ...

Discoveries / Jan 09, 2020

Everybody Hurts teaser image
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Everybody Hurts

The medical field has a long history of dismissing women's pain, despite actual differences between how the sexes interpret it. The roots of these sex differences likely lie in the complexities of hormonal functions, gene expression and ...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020